Ruthless Demon King

Book I out of IV

The Demon King has started a new monarchy in the United States.

It used to be that the president was the most powerful person in the country. That all changed when Wrath crossed over to our world. Nothing could stop him. Nothing can kill him. Eventually we all bowed at his altar.

Now there are websites dedicated to worshipping him. Countless internet memes about how ridiculously gorgeous he is. And yeah, I can admit he’s fine as hell. But he’s a villain to end all villains. There’s no way I’m falling prey to that.

What People Are
Saying About Nikki's Books

"The second book is even better than the first!! Nikki Crowe is a author that makes you experience emotions that take you up , down and 🌶🌶❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥!!! "
— Tiffany
"Unlike anything I have read, The Demon King is a gripping story filled with surprise and angst and the very epitome of things aren't always what they seem."
— Barbi M
"What do Nikki st Crowe and your fave chip have in common? You cant stop with one. You better have time set aside to binge an entire series because really… you will not be able to stop reading."
— Diana R

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