A Dark Vampire Curse

A Standalone Paranormal Romance

Wrath & Rain adjacent

A cursed vampire claims she’s the key he’s been searching for.

Emery would think Rhys Roman was insane if it wasn’t for this annoying ability she’s had her entire life: she can read minds. And oddly enough, she can’t read his.

Suddenly, Emery is ushered into a dark, deadly underworld of the city she loves where Rhys is reigning king. Or at least he is until the curse plaguing him and his vampires turns them all into feral bloodsuckers.

What People Are
Saying About Nikki's Books

"The storyline was great! I look forward to more of her work! It kept me on the edge of my seat!"
— Lashonda
"I could not put this book down...i was reading it everywhere I went just to see what was going to happen next!!"
— Chastity C
"This book was amazing I loved the tension the firey thoughts and who doesn't like a good dark brooding vampire!!"
— Natasha F

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The Never King

Book I out of IV

The Dark One

Book II out of IV

Their Vicious Darling

Book III out of IV

The Fae Princes

Book IV out of IV

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